Three Easy Tips To Help Tone Up Your Butt

Although summer is gone and our bikinis are back in storage, it doesn’t mean we can slack off on our fitness routine. In fact, we should use this time to focus on the different areas of our bodies, such as toning up our glute muscles to add some strength to our booty while looking (and feeling) amazing. 

If you want to tone up your glute muscles, try out these easy tips.



Stairs are a great way to get toned up without having to break away from our usual routine. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator allows you to integrate this new habit into your journey to work or university. Most train stations have stairs leading to each platform (which worked well for me when I started working full-time with huge amounts of travel each way). Use that to your advantage to fit an easy form of an exercise routine into your busy schedule.


Equipment free stretches

There are a number of equipment free workouts you can do to firm up your glute muscles. You can check out a number of them on YouTube. Cassey Ho, also known as Blogilates, has uploaded a few great ones. Here is one example where she shows us how to use pilates to work your glutes and tone up that booty.

If you would like to make up your own workout routine, one of the main ways of integrating butt toning techniques is through squats. It was suggested in a study testing the effectiveness of different cardio exercises on the gluteal muscle that “the single-limb squat and single-limb deadlift exercises” worked the gluteus maximus the hardest (DiStefano et al, 2009). 

You can execute a squat successfully and safety by placing your feet a shoulder distance apart and slowly lowering yourself down to a sitting position by bending your knees. Then, slowly bring yourself back up into your original standing position. The more you do it, the stronger you will get and the easier this will seem.



Dancing is sometimes overlooked as a fitness technique. It can be a fun and easy way to keep fit without even trying. Some of us were enrolled in dancing classes as kids as a fun after school activity, but no one said you can’t continue using what you’ve learnt to stay fit as an adult.

Ballet is a prime example of a dance that helps keep your glute muscles firm and strong so you can execute all the steps correctly. From pliés to pirouettes, you are working your glutes, as well as a bunch of other muscles, to successfully carry out the steps as you glide across the floor. If you haven’t tried ballet before, give the ballet barre workout a go.

Who says you can’t be graceful and strong?

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Written by Jessica Testa. 



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